Is faster better?

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I made another trip to Mobile World Congress in 2016 that provided a global showcase for a wide range of exciting new technologies. I am always amazed at the scale of the event and the money spent by exhibitors. I would love to see the ROI analysis. Once again 5G was one of the hot topics but I am left questioning whether progress is all about speed. For example, I would be happy not to lose connectivity twice on my 15-minute drive home from the office. It’s a bit like HS2. A nice to have if you want to save 30 minutes on your journey but what about the crammed commuter trains and pot holed roads.

At PRPR we do a lot in the world of cyber security and one thing we can all be confident about is that we will have many more headlines about security breaches in 2017. And as well as the large corporates, we will also see more ransomware targeted at SMEs. We need to change the culture in all businesses so everyone is more security-savvy and aware, while also encouraging more young talented people into the industry if we are to have a fighting chance in staying one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

We may not see so many mind-blowing surprises in 2017 but it will certainly be an interesting one as we see the fall out of events in 2016.

Peter Rennison