CES 2018: It may be connected, but it isn’t smart

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This year, CES has seen smart home products galore, with exhibitors showcasing a range of connected appliances from connected washing machines to mirrors to bathtubs and showers. I first intended to write a blog on the best-in-class smart home tech and which I thought had the potential to achieve mainstream adoption. But in my hunt, I stumbled across a video of the iKeyp smart safe.


On the surface, the concept is strong. The safe enables you to control it via an app on your phone and alerts you when someone tries to tamper with/break into it. In fairness, the tech appears to work well enough, but the actual design of the safe is a cataclysmic oversight at best. The safe is not only light enough to pick up and walk away with, but even worse, it can be opened with a robust hit on the top with a fist, rendering it useless.   


The safe highlights a major issue with smart technologies at the moment. There is too much of a rush to market, with companies aiming to take advantage of the preserved popularity of connected devices. In this case it has led to the creators overlooking the products primary function, but we have seen in others it can result in significant security flaws. It acts as a timely reminder to all budding smart tech entrepreneurs that they must not sacrifice the quality of their product to bring it to market quicker and they must not lose sight of what their product fundamentally is.


You can find a link to the video here: